Why Hire Me

The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Make All the Difference.

You, The Client Matters.

I could go on and on about my legal experience (40 years battling it out in the legal system) or about my success rate as a criminal defense attorney in Fort Pierce, but what really matters in each and every case is the client.

The most important factors are your legal rights, your freedom and your future. I take care of my clients and their families both in and out of the courtroom.

Keeping You And Your Loved Ones Informed

As a veteran criminal defense lawyer, I have probably worked on a case similar to yours dozens of times before. As my client, you hopefully have not had as much courtroom experience as me. Therefore, you deserve to understand how the court system actually works and what I am doing to help you. I will keep you informed and up-to-date on all issues pertaining to your case.

Understanding The “Other Side”

I was a prosecutor for half a decade, so I fully understand the “other side”. In most cases, the prosecuting counsel has significant leeway as to how they can approach a criminal prosecution. Knowing how the prosecution thinks, acts and works is a vital advantage to you in your battle to protect your future. This is where my skill as an expert legal negotiator and my credibility as grizzled defense lawyer can help get many sentences reduced or even cases dismissed.

Trial Skill and Credibility in the Courtroom Matters.

Many criminal defense attorneys almost never set foot into a courtroom, if they can help it. When they are forced into a jury trial and they have to go face-to-face with a judge and jury, they are often not completely prepared. This is where my extensive knowledge of local area courtrooms and judicial staff will help me fight even more effectively to defend you.

Keeping a Low Profile

I’m not the right lawyer for you if you want to talk up your case to the media. I take my reputation as a criminal defense attorney seriously and I think that the less anyone says or writes about the fact that you have been charged with a criminal offense, the better. Taking the public route can agitate the prosecution, and can make reaching a positive result more difficult.

Above All, Results Matter

Any lawyer who tries to tell you the outcome of your case based on an initial consultation is both unethical and dishonest. Before any good criminal defense attorney can give you or your loved ones a legal opinion, they have to review the evidence, talk to the prosecutor’s office and appraise other elements in the case.

If you hire me, you can be confident in my ability to expertly evaluate your situation and tell you the true facts as whether or not your case is winnable.

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